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Wake by Shelley Burr
Crime , Review / 25/05/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Australian crime fiction debut Wake by Shelley Burr, and finds that even in the crowded market of Australian rural crime there is still plenty of room for new voices.

Abomination by Ashley Goldberg
Literature , Review / 12/05/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Abomination by Ashley Goldberg a searing debut exploring faith and extremism that takes as its background from a notrious abuse case in the Melbourne Orthodoc Jewish community.

The Islands by Emily Brugman
Historical , Literature , Review / 09/02/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews The Islands by Emily Brugman an Australian historical fiction debut exploring the lives of Finnish immigrants who were part of the crayfishing industry on remote islands off the coast of northern Western Australia in the 1960s