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Clarke by Holly Throsby
Crime , Literature , Review / 24/11/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Clarke by Holly Throsby, set in a regional Australian city which looks at the impact of a long running police investigation on the lives of two characters processing their own grief.

Day’s End by Garry Disher
Crime , Review / 21/11/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Day’s End the fourth book in Garry Disher’s Australian crime fiction series set in rural South Australia and featuring policeman Paul ‘Hirsch’ Hirschhausen

The Tilt by Chris Hammer
Crime , Review / 10/10/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Chris Hammer’s The Tilt – bringing back characters from his last book Treasure and Dirt to investigate a series of old and new crimes in a town on the Murray River border of NSW and Victoria.

Double Lives by Kate McCaffrey
Crime , Review / 07/10/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Double Lives by Kate McCaffrey which uses the true crime podcast format to explore issues of gender, truth and the power of cults.

Paper Cage by Tom Baragwanath
Crime , Review / 28/09/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Paper Cage by Tom Baragwanath, debut New Zealand crime fiction that deals with the legacy of colonialism through the eyes of a unique protagonist.

Criminals by James O’Loghlin
Crime , Review / 09/09/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Criminals by James O’Loghlin, drawing on his life as a legal aid lawyer to tell the story of three very different characters in the aftermath of an armed robbery.

Dark Music by David Lagercrantz
Crime , Historical , Review / 02/09/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews Dark Music by David Lagercrantz, the start of a new series featuring a Sherlock Holmes style detective duo and exploring the dark consequences of 9/11 and the US invasion of Afghanistan.