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The Bluffs by Kyle Perry
Crime , Review / 06/07/2020

Pile by the Bed reviews The Bluffs by Kyle Perry a crime fiction debut set in the wilds of Northern Tasmania featuring haunted characters with dark secrets.

Stormblood by Jeremy Szal
Review , Science Fiction / 19/06/2020

Pile by the Be reviews Stormblood – debut science fiction by Australian author Jeremy Szal. A space opera that is part military science fiction, part low-down cyberpunk adventure, part murder mystery, and part first person shooter.

Elly by Maike Wetzel
Literature , Review / 11/06/2020

Pile by the Bed reviews Elly by Maike Wetzel (translated from German by Lyn Marven) – a short, sharp, stark novel dealing with the aftermath of a child’s disapperance.