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The Safe Place by LA Larkin
Crime , Review , Thriller / 10/11/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews The Safe Place by LA Larkin – a page-turning thriller involving domestic violence, gaslighting and a serial arsonist with the tension fuelled by an encoaching megafire

Widow’s Island LA Larkin
Crime , Review / 04/06/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews Widow’s Island a stand-alone thriller by LA Larkin that delves into issues of cyber-trolling and climate change.

Prey by LA Larkin
Review , Thriller / 23/04/2020

Pile by the Bed reviews the new thriller Prey by LA Larkin, the second to feature intrepid journalist Olivia Wilde.

Devour by LA Larkin
Review , Thriller / 15/08/2016

L.A. Larkin’s third thriller takes readers back to Antarctica, the setting of her last novel Thirst, but with a new cast of characters and a new global threat. But Devour doesn’t get to Antarctica straight away. Larkin opens in Afghanistan where investigative journalist Olivia Wolfe is tracking down information about a terrorist cell. So while there is a lengthy detour to Antarctica to set up the action this is a globe-trotting thriller that also manages to take in both the United Kingdom and United States. Wolfe is sent to Antarctica by her editor after a disastrous mission in Afghanistan to both give her some distance (literally) and to explore some strange goings on at a British research base. The researchers are using some new technology to drill down to a previously untouched lake that lies under three kilometers of ice. The British mission is also a race against time as a group of Russian researchers are trying to achieve the same objective. But a series of accidents, including the death of one of the team, has given rise to suspicions of a traitor in their midst. Under the guise of a journalistic piece Olivia flies in to investigate. But there…