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Dying to Know by Rae Cairns
Crime , Review / 22/05/2023

Pile by the Bed reviews Dying to Know by Rae Cairns, a standalone thriller follow up to her Ned Kelly Award shortlisted debut The Good Mother.

Judgement Day by Mali Waugh
Crime , Review / 21/03/2023

Pile by the Bed reviews Judgement Day by Mali Waugh, debut Australian crime fiction that takes readers behind the scenes of the Australian Family Court.

Taken by Dinuka McKenzie
Crime , Recommended , Review / 01/02/2023

Pile by the Bed reviews Taken by Dinuka McKenzie, Australian rural crime fiction once again featuring Detective Kate Miles in the follow up to McKenzie’s debut The Torrent.

Wild Card by Simon Rowell
Crime , Review / 31/01/2023

Pile by the Bed reviews Wild Card by Simon Rowell, follow up to The Long Game featuring detective Zoe Meyer and her service dog Harry.

Locked Ward by Anne Buist
Crime , Review / 30/01/2023

Pile by the Bed reviews Locked Ward by Anne Buist, the fourth in her crime fiction series centred around foresnic psychologist Natalie King.

A Brief Affair by Alex Miller
Literature , Review / 25/11/2022

Pile by the Bed reviews A Brief Affair, the fifteenth novel by twice Miles Franklin award winning Australian autho Alex Miller that asks deep questions about personal change and growth.