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The Family Doctor by Debra Oswald
Crime , Review / 08/03/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews The Family Doctor by Debra Oswald – using crime fiction to explore some of the moral and ethical issues around domestic and family violence.

The Beach Caves by Trevor Shearston
Crime , Historical , Review / 12/02/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews The Beach Caves by Trevor Shearston which takes readers back to the 1970s with a focus on the heightened emotions of a team of archaeologists and their students and the consequences .of their actions.

Dead Letters by Michael Brissenden
Crime , Review , Thriller / 11/02/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews Dead Letters, the new crime novel from Australian journalist Michael Brissenden involving gangs, money laundering and corruption and follow up to his domestic terrorism debut The List.

Shiver by Allie Reynolds
Crime , Review / 29/01/2021

Allie Reynolds debut novel Shiver is an isolation thriller which, on that description makes it sound perfect for these Covid times. Set in a mainly deserted glacier-top ski resort before the start of the season it also draws heavily on Reynold’s own past as a freestyle snowboarder to flesh out its group of characters and their sketchy pasts. Milla is a former competitive snowboarder. Ten years have passed since a tragedy-filled season that changed her life. So much time has passed that Milla feels comfortable attending a kind of reunion with four of her fellow boarders from that time. She feels a thrill of nostalgia as she once again sees Brett, Dale, Heather and Curtis. But right from the start, as they board the bubble cable cars that will take them to the summit hotel, things feel a little off. And it is not long before things start to go wrong. They find the hotel completely empty of staff, their phones disappear and then during an “icebreaker” game mysterious accusations about their time ten years before emerge. All of this goes back to the event that they have come to commemorate – the disappearance of Curtis’s sister, and Milla’s main…

White Throat by Sarah Thornton
Crime , Review / 10/12/2020

Pile by the Bed reviews White Throat by Sarah Thornton (Clementine Jones #2) – another fast paced Australian crime thriller featuring Thornton’s flawed but engaging heroine.

Honeybee by Craig Silvey
Literature , Review / 13/11/2020

Pile by the Bed reviews Honeybee by Australian Author Craig Silvey, another complex but compassionate coming of age story from the author of Jasper Jones.

Trust by Chris Hammer
Crime , Review / 13/10/2020

Pile by the Bed reviews Trust by Chris Hammer – the third book in his series featuring journalist Martin Scarsden, set in a windy, corrupt Sydney.