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Your Utopia by Bora Chung

Your Utopia by Bora Chung

Korean author Bora Chung’s first collection of short stories to be translated into English (by Anton Hur) is titled Your Utopia. The title story, about a sentient robot car and his passenger navigating a possibly dying world is emblematic of this speculative fiction collection of eight very different but thematically similar stories.

The opening story The Centre for Immortality Research, centres on a low-ranking employee of the titular institution as it prepares to celebrate an anniversary. The second story, The End of the Voyage, takes a very Korean zombie story and reimagines it, considering a desperate interstellar voyage of the non-infected and narrated from the perspective of a survivor. Many of the other stories, similarly, involve isolated or disconnected protagonists, trying to make sense of their world and finding things are even stranger than they expected. In A Very Ordinary Marriage, a man suspects his wife is having an affair but perhaps the truth is worse. In A Song for Sleep an artificially intelligent elevator pines for one of its passengers.

Chung’s short fiction quickly establishes whole worlds. She centres those stories around flawed, confused, vulnerable characters, whether human or non human. And manages to deliver a series of twisted tales that often manage to twist again at the end. Overall Your Utopia is an engagingly disturbing series of creepy tales from a unique voice in speculative fiction.

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Your Utopia by Bora Chung



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Your Utopia by Bora Chung



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