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The Good Dog by Simon Rowell

The Good Dog by Simon Rowell

The Good Dog is the third book in Simon Rowell’s procedural series featuring Victorian detective sergeant Zoe Mayer and her faithful service dog Harry. As with the other two books in this series – The Long Game and Wild Card – Rowell delivers a diverting procedural with few bells and whistles.

Good Dog opens with the death of an alleged con man at a tourist spot on the top of Mount Macedon. Piers Johnson had been accused of running a dodgy development scheme and was alleged to have used it to steal millions from two large and two small investors. Despite claiming that he had lost millions himself and being cleared in a court hearing, suspicion immediately falls on the investors. When the daughter of Johnson’s lawyer, is kidnapped, the investigation goes into overdrive.

Zoe Mayer continues to be an engaging main character, with a little of her personal life intruding into the work. Dog lovers will be happy at some of the star turns given to Harry – not only a lie detector but also able to sniff out clues when human senses fail.

The Good Dog is once again down the line, solid procedural crime fiction with a plot is twisted enough to keep readers guessing. It is anchored by an engaging main character in Zoe Mayer not only ably supported by Harry the dog but by a group of highly competent investigators.

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The Good Dog by Simon Rowell

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The Good Dog by Simon Rowell



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