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Sanctuary by Garry Disher

Sanctuary by Garry Disher

Multi-award winning Australian crime writer Garry Disher loves to step into the shoes of the criminal. While he has written plenty of police procedurals one of his most enduring and beloved characters is career criminal Wyatt (whose return to the fray won Disher a Ned Kelly Award back in 2010). A few years ago, in one of his other novels, Disher introduced another thief called Grace. Grace now gets her own novel (and clearly potential for more) in Disher’s latest novel Sanctuary.

When Sanctuary opens Grace is looking to steal some rare stamps at an auction in Brisbane. But her plan is blown when she catches sight of her old partner in crime Adam who she abandoned and stole from many years before. Adam is not there for Grace, he is planning a theft for someone much worse, but once he sees her his interest is piqued and he becomes determined to track her down. After crisscrossing the country Grace ends up in a small town in the South Australian hills and lands a job working in an antique shop for a woman called Erin. Erin has her own secrets and someone fairly nasty is after her too. While Grace and Erin start to bond, and Grace starts to think she might actually be able to settle down, Grace can’t help doing one more job and both of their pasts start to catch up with them.

While Grace is the centre of this story, Disher spreads his authorial eye over a range of characters, some fairly reprehensible, as he slowly tightens the net on both Grace and Erin.  In Sanctuary Disher once again shows his skill in delivering rounded, believable characters on both sides of the law (including a couple of really nasty ones here) but also placing them in a modern context and dealing with current issues. And as always, Sanctuary is imbued with a great sense of the landscape and the townships and cities in which these characters live. Sanctuary is classic Garry Disher – a well told, tense crime story anchored around a great central character but including some fascinating minor characters, with an atmospheric sense of place. And with Wyatt getting little long in the tooth Disher has given his readers a new criminal to root for even while she is doing bad things.

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Sanctuary by Garry Disher



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