Floating Hotel by Grace Curtis

Floating Hotel by Grace Curtis

Grace Curtis came onto the science fiction scene with a deceptively gentle post-apocalyptic Western called Frontier. Frontier took a range of Western tropes and had fun with them, and while it took a more gentle approach, Curtis never shied away from abuses of power and violence. Curtis pulls a similar trick with her follow up Floating Hotel. This story of an intergalactic cruise liner feels slight when it starts but slowly Curtis builds something more nuanced, complex and dangerous.

Floating Hotel opens with the story of Carl, who escapes from a harsh existence by essentially stows away on a luxury spaceliner, the Grand Abeona, by carrying luggage and then being adopted by the hotel’s manager. Flash forward forty years and Carl is running the place. He has carried on the tradition of picking up staff who might otherwise be waifs and strays and had built a loyal, found family in the hotel’s crew. So the hotel, still a destination for the wealthy, has become a haven for the disaffected and this has come to the attention of the increasingly fascist galactic authorities.

Floating Hotel is a found family story told across a series of delightful character studies. Each chapter focusses on a different member of the crew, their history and how they landed themselves on the Abeona. And while the first few stories feel more bucolic, they lay the seeds for the darker themes to come. In a similar vein to Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers series – there is plenty gentleness and whimsy but there is also a hard edge, a bit of violence and more than a little melancholy as mysteries are solved and the staff have to deal a changing universe.

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Floating Hotel by Grace Curtis



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