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Devil’s Kitchen by Candice Fox

Devil's Kitchebn

Multi-award winning Australian crime fiction author Candice Fox returns with another incendiary, page turning stand alone thriller with a killer hook and great central characters in Devil’s Kitchen. Staying in America, where she has set her last few books, Devil’s Kitchen focusses on a crew of firefighters who use their position and their skills to carry out heists across the city.

Devil’s Kitchen starts with an unnecessary cold open in which Andy (Andrea) is being accused of being a police informant and Ben is being accused of helping her. Fox then drops back to the beginning of the story in which Ben is part of a crew of firefighters who use the fires that they start to cover preparations for audacious heists. But Ben’s girlfriend and son have disappeared and he suspects his fellow cremates so he has dropped a letter to the police. Enter Andy, a freelance investigator whose skill set involves going deep undercover to help the FBI solve crimes. Andy is keen to help Ben solve the mystery of his missing girlfriend but her handler Tony is much more interested in putting the crew away for the robberies. Tony also holds a torch for Andy which complicates their relationship.

Devil’s Kitchen revolves around Ben and Andy. Fox skilfully ramps up the tension while focussing on the tenuous relationship that starts to form between the two outside of the one they are pretending to have. Part of that tension is knowing that at some point that first scene will play out and Andy and Ben will be discovered. At the same time, Fox digs into Andy’s past to reveal how she became who she was and the dangerous relationship she has developed with Tony. All of which builds to a satisfyingly explosive ending (these are firefighters after all).

Devil’s Kitchen is Candice Fox staying at the top of her game. Once again Fox delivers a thriller anchored around two fascinating, damaged characters in which tension builds and releases in a way that almost demands that the pages keep turning.

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Devil's Kitchen by Candice Fox



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