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Top 5 Science Fiction 2020

The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson
Micaiah Johnson’s debut The Space Between Worlds used the old trope of multiple worlds in new ways to explore themes of class, nature, sexuality, fate and self-determination
Why Visit America by Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker’s Why Visit America is a series of speculative short stories each set in a different state in a different alternative America. Each story takes an idea and explores its ramifications in the world and by doing so shines a light on our current condition.
Repo Virtual by Corey J White
Australian science fiction author Corey J White proves that cyberpunk is not dead in his first full length novel Repo Virtual. Set in a slightly in-the-future Korea Repo Virtual is a fast moving tale that features evil megacorporations, plucky gamers, AI and robot dogs.
The Last Emperox by John Scalzi
Every entry in John Scalzi’s Interdependency series has made this list and for good reason as this is one of the most enjoyable space opera series of recent years. The Last Emperox continues this tradition – a rattling tale full of very human characters dealing with an unprecedented challenge, told with verve, wit and style
The Future of Another Timeline by Analee Newitz
Annalee Newitz uses time travel (with some modified paradox rules) as a means for exploring social movements and the influence of the individual in The Future of Another Timeline.

Honourable Mentions

From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back
In From a Certain Point of View, 40 authors have fun in the Star Wars sandbox telling stories that take place in and around the main action of The Empire Strikes Back
The Worst of All Possible Worlds by Alex White
The Worst of All Possible Worlds is the third in Alex White’s Scavengers trilogy. High octane space opera with engaging characters brought to a satisfying conclusion.
Chaos Vector by Megan O'Keefe
More great space opera – Chaos Vector is the second book in Megan O’Keefe’s propulsive Protectorate series.
Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds
After a slow second outing, Alastair Reynolds delivers the goods in Bone Silence, the third book in his Revenger space pirate series
Devolution by Max Brooks
Max Brooks swapped out zombies for Sasquatch (Bigfoot) in his found document survival horror tale Devolution.

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