Top Five Fantasy – 2017


Very different fantasy novels make up the top five (plus three honourable mentions) for 2017:

Rotherweird by Andrew CaldecottAndrew Caldecott’s Rotherweird was fantasy that was also a little bit Dickens and a little bit Monty Python and centred around a forgotten town with a strange past and stranger residents in the middle of England.







Corpselight by Anglea SlatterAustralian fantasy author Angela Slatter delivered the second installment of her engaging noir-crime meets urban fantasy series starring half-weyrd detective Verity Fassbinder on the mean streets of Brisbane in Corpselight.







The Bedlam Stacks by Natasha PulleyNatasha Pulley continued to impress with her second novel – a historical and mystical journey into deepest darkest Peru in The Bedlam Stacks.








Strange Weather by Joe HillJoe Hill’s novella collection Strange Weather was part horror, part fantasy, part science fiction and all class.








Singing My Sister Down by Margo LanaganAnd Margo Lanagan’s best-of short story collection Singing My Sister Down reaffirmed why she is one of Australia (and the World’s) best fantasy writers.








Honourable mentions:

It Devours by Fink and Cranor – a novel set in the world of Night Vale

Red Sister by Mark Lawrence – first of a new fantasy series featuring kick-arse warrior nuns

Jade City by Fonda Lee – urban fantasy drawing heavily on 1970s gangster and kung-fu movies

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