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Top Five Books – July to December 2016


After bringing you the Top 5 books for the first half of the year (Top 5 Books Jan to June 2016), here are 5 more books to put on your must read list:

The Underground Railroad by Colson WhiteheadColson Whitehead’s magical realist history of slavery imagines the underground railroad as a real train, carrying escaped slaves to the North. In The Underground Railroad, escaped slave Cara experiences different realities of the slavery experience as she rides the rails.

Commonwealth by Anne PatchettAnn Patchett comes home to America for Commonwealth, an engaging, heartfelt, non-linear family drama.

To The Bright Edge of the World by Eowyn IveyAnother historical novel with a magical element – Eowyn Ivey’s To the Bright Edge of the World follows an expedition into a mystical Alaskan interior in the 1850s. At the same time Ivey also¬†focuses on the expedition leader’s wife, left behind at a military camp and discovering a new way to express herself.

The Windy Season by Sam CarmodySam Carmody’s debut novel The Windy Season takes him into Tim Winton territory. A young man takes a job on a trawler out of a small town on the Western Australian coast trying to find out what happened to his missing brother.

Ruins by Rajith SavanadasaAnother great Australian debut, Rajith Savanadasa’s Ruins takes readers into post-war Sri Lanka and the lives of a middle class family finding their way in a changing world.


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