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Foregone by Russell Banks
Historical , Literature , Review / 16/07/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews Foregone by American novelist Russell Banks in which truth and fiction converge with aspects of Banks’ own life in the fictional reflections of an ageing film maker.

Razorblade Tears by SA Cosby
Crime , Recommended , Review / 13/07/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews Razorblade Tears by SA Cosby, the crime fiction follow up to his scorching debut (Blacktop Wasteland) about two ex-criminals searching for revenge and absolution following the deaths of their sons.

Artifact Space by Miles Cameron
Review , Science Fiction / 12/07/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews Artifact Space by Miles Cameron – the first of a space opera meets military/ mercantile science fiction series full of engaging characters and anchored by an intriguing mystery.

Falling by TJ Newman
Review , Thriller / 07/06/2021

Pile by the Bed reviews Falling the debut thriller by TJ Newman in which a pilot and his crew have to try and thwart terrorists who have blackmailed him by kidnapping his family.